i am serena

S E R E N A (Serena Maria Carretti) is the name of my solo music project.

I am an Italian singer/songwriter based in London. After performing sets in festivals and different venues in Italy I made the jump to the UK in order to keep working on my skills.

Classically trained, with a lot of experience in rock bands,I have never abandoned my passion for songwriting throughout the years. 

Recently I have been experimenting with Ableton Live both in the studio and in the live environment, in order to merge my fiery psyche with my sensitive essence.


I believe in the importance of being unapologetically myself, on stage and outside. 

So there you have it: My name.

My world. My music. I AM SERENA.


" The talented artist delivers something beyond special, honest and truly a must listen gem as it will give peace and advise to your heart and your soul "


(Wolf in a Suit)